Engineering Services

  • Machining of metallic components/parts with lathe/milling / shaping/drilling machines etc.
  • Manufacture of plastic moulds and rubber moulds
  • Heat treatment of steel components
  • Surface grinding and cylindrical grinding
  • Arc welding, Tig welding, Oxy-Acetylene welding and Plasma cutting
  • Manufacture of machinery, tools and equipment for small and micro industries
  • Consultation in layout, installation and commissioning of machines.

Machinery Fabrication

Machinery and equipment manufactured by IDB Engineering Workshop

Food Sector

  • Tomato pulper, Cap: 200 kgs per hour
  • Volumetric bottle filling machine, up to 500ml bottles
  • Bakery oven (saw dust fuelled), 40 loaves in a batch
  • Bottle sterilizer - 60 nos of 500 ml bottles in a batch
  • Dough mixer, 25 kgs
  • ROPP sealing machine
  • Crown cork sealing machine
  • Salt crusher, 50 kgs per hour
  • Ribbon type mixer for iodized salt, 50 kgs per hr.
  • Noodles making machine, 50 kgs per hour
  • Yoghurt incubator, 500 cups per batch
  • Aluminum foil sealing machine for yoghurt cup
  • Multicrop thresher

Coir Fiber Sector

  • Defibering machine, 3 phase, 30 hp.
  • Fiber combing machine, Single phase 1 hp
  • Twine making machine, single phase, ¼ hp
  • Thawashi brush winding machine
  • Trimming machine for thawashi brush

Plastic & Rubber Moulds

Design and manufacture of moulds for plastic & rubber items.  Manufacture of cutting dies.


Engineering advice and guidance for the promotion of small and medium scale industries in Sri Lanka


Chief Engineer

: +94 112 605 319
: +94 112 605 490
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