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‘School Industry Entrepreneurship Circle’ program

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Industrial Development Board together with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship in the country for an export-oriented production economy, the two-day workshop to educate teachers which was the initial phase of the ‘School Industry Entrepreneurship Circle’ program to be started nationwide on 15.06.2023 with the participation of the Minister of Education Dr. Susil Premajayantha. Started at Maharagama National Institute of Education.

The primary objectives of implementing this national program are to direct schools to socialize a generation of students who have acquired entrepreneurship before they can actively and effectively contribute to national production.

Also, to build an entrepreneurial culture and mentality in the entire country, which is necessary for the creation of industries and new creations, to bring into the society through schools a job creator who provides solutions to the existing problems of the country, not a person who studies with the expectation of employment, and the ability to work successfully in any individual role in the society. The other objectives of this program are to acquire entrepreneurial skills to deliver and to produce a self-reliant Sri Lankan who can respond to challenges and turn it into a commercial opportunity.

In order to implement the pilot program, out of 10,146 schools covering every district and every educational zone, teachers of 150 schools have been brought together in this two-day workshop to include Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslim schools. Students studying any subject stream from grade 9 to grade 13 can join. Our goal is to start these circles in 300 schools this year and develop 3000 schools by the end of 2024.

By continuing to implement this project in the country, instead of a generation of students studying with the expectation of employment, school industry entrepreneurship circles will be able to endow the society with a generation of creative, entrepreneurial students who can conquer the world and create jobs.

Secretary of the Ministry of Education Nihal Ranasinghe, Secretary of the Ministry of Industry Thilaka Jayasundara, Advisor to the Ministry of Education Professor Gunapala Nanayakkara, Chairman of the Industrial Development Board Dr. Saranga Alahapperuma, Director General of the National Institute of Education Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navaratne. Many dignitaries including officials were present.