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RMP: Project 14 – Development of the Rubber Industrial Sector

Development of the Rubber Industrial Sector by IDB under RMP: Project 14: Enhancement of resource use efficiency and productivity in rubber manufacturing industry
Initial project (Phase I)

With the aiming of upgrading the existing rubber and rubber-based industrialists in Sri Lanka, Industrial Development Board is inviting you to join for the above-mentioned project which will be facilitate you to

  • Identify the existing issues in your industry
  • Troubleshoot for the identified issues
  • Upgrade the industry to the export level

The 60 nos. of industries will be selected through the applied industries using a scoring model selection method and the industries which are fulfilled the following criteria are eligible to apply this project.

Criteria for eligibility:

  1. Should be submitted the Business Registration (BR).
  2. Establishment of the industry should be more than 3 years.
  3. Varieties of the products availability.
  4. Whether they are manufacturing the “Automobile Rubber Spare Parts” and the details of items manufactured.
  5. If the industry was granted recently, details of loans and grants received with sources.
  6. Annual turnover for past 3 years.
  7. Type of the current market share – Local market/Export market/Sub contracting.
  8. The issues faced in technology, credit and finding markets and expansion of the industry.
  9. Assistance expected.

Sampling Criteria for initial project:

The relevant representation of the industries in district basis is as following in the initial project (Phase I)

No District No. of Industries
Small Medium Large
01 Colombo 07 05 08
02 Gampaha 10 05
03 Kalutara 10 05
04 Galle 05 05


Funded by: Ministry of Plantation Industries under Sri Lanka Rubber Master Plan

Closing Date: 11th of September 2023

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