“Diviyata Udanaya” Awareness/ Need Assessment Programme

“Diviyata Udanaya” – Enterprise Development Programme

An enterprise development program called “Diviyata Udanaya” is being implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to help achieve the current government’s concept of creating 10 lakh jobs.

This aims to create new entrepreneurs as well as empower those who are currently engaged in business, provide vocational training to create businesses, provide facilities for the success of new livelihoods, and contribute to the creation of ten lakh jobs by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

A maximum amount of Rs. 50,000.00 per entrepreneur is borne by this project for the creation of new industries or the development of an existing industry.

The Sri Lanka Textile and Garment Technology Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the National Entrepreneurship Development Authority, the National Crafts Council, the National Design Center and the Department of Textiles, etc., are conducting this project throughout the island by the Lanka Industrial Development Board.