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Will you start a business?

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Business Idea Quiz

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Category: Passion

1. Do you have a strong desire to start your own business?

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Category: Passion

2. Are you, your family, and the community really invested in it?

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Category: Passion

3. Are you motivated to create your own business?

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Category: Passion

4. Are you willing to prioritize your business success over practically anything else?

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Category: Goal Orientation

5. Are you committed to focusing all of your efforts on accomplishing your objectives?

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Category: Goal Orientation

6. Are you able to set definite goals for your company while keeping an eye on the big picture?

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Category: Making Decisions

7. Are you able to remain composed in stressful situations, get the facts you need, and take decisive action without delaying or transferring the issue to another person?

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Category: Taking Risks

8. There isn't a company plan that is 100% secure. There is always a chance of failure. Are you aware of the dangers and do you accept that your company could fail?

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Category: Taking Risks

9. For your business to be a reality and to succeed, you must be committed. Commitment means that you are willing to put your business before almost everything else. Do you want to be in business for a long time?

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Category: Ability to handle stress

10. When making difficult decisions, managing several business stakeholders, and putting in long hours, entrepreneurs are under a lot of stress. Do you possess the capacity to remain upbeat under duress?

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Category: Ability to handle stress

11. Can you see the chances in adversity?

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Category: Social Support

12. It will require a lot of time and work to run your business. Will your friends, family, and other business associates provide you with enough support?

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Category: Financial Situation

13. It's crucial to have financial resources available when starting a firm. Have you saved up any funds to launch your business?

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Category: Financial Situation

14. Are there any members of your family or close friends that could be ready to lend you money?

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Category: Financial Situation

15. Do you have any funds or credit history with a business startup loan provider?

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Category: Business Management Skills

16. The capacity to operate your firm effectively is referred to as business management abilities. Are you skilled in any aspects of business management, such as marketing, sales, costing, or motivating employees?

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Category: Commitment to your Community

17. The growth of the community is significantly influenced by an entrepreneur. Do you understand this position?

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Category: Commitment to your Community

18. Are you devoted to helping the community as a whole advance socially?

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