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The Centre for the Development of Leather Product and Footwear (CDLP&F) was established in 1998 for the development of Leather Products and Footwear Production Sector in Sri Lanka. The Centre conducts short term &long term courses for the footwear and leather goods sector, supplies skilled workers, supplies information and provide facilities for the development of leather products and footwear. These services are provided through the Katubedda main head office and the regional sub center at Wariyapola.

Services provided by the Division


Technology Transfer Workshops


Basic Footwear Technology


Footwear Industrial Machineries Maintaining


Leather Goods Manufacturing


Shoe Upper Closing


Footwear Product Upgrading & Quality Improvement


Advanced Bag Manufacturing


Design & Pattern Making Training


Innovative Ideas & Information

Further the centre provides guidance on both technology and training to start the industries in the footwear and leather sector; by providing the necessary knowledge and information for the existing industries to open up innovative and creative avenues.


Modern Trade and Machinery Information

To provide knowledge on state of art technology used in footwear & leather industries, and technology transfers to the appropriate industries.

Skilled Labor for Industry

Satisfy the human resources requirements of companies / SMIs by supplying successfully trained personnel.


Provide Incubator Facilities


Support to make a linkage between government & Private sector


Organize sales & promotional events


Sample Making

Sample making and advice for specific products on request.

Train differently abled persons

Train disabled, retired service personnel, rehabilitated youth, detainees and mentally retarded persons to enable them to start livelihoods.
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Regional Development

Entrepreneur Development

Technical Services


Leather Products & Footwear

Rubber Product Development



Industrial Estates

Head of Division

Mr. Nilantha Munasinghe
Assistant Director

Division Members

Assistant Director

Name : Mr.H.M.N.Munasinghe
Subject : Head of the Division
Official Contact:011 4 213472
Mobile Contact: 0714462197

Enterprise Promotion Manager

Name : Mr. Nishantha Abeythunga
Subject : Training
Official Contact: 011 4 213472
Mobile Contact: 071 2803868