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Technical Services Division is one of the main Divisions of IDB, provides technological assistance needed for the potential entrepreneurs including whole industrial community in Sri Lanka, to expansion, modernization, diversification and productivity improvements in the industry. In addition the division provided training programmes, consultancy services, and guidance based on five sectors of food, chemical, oil and fibre, building materials and computer technology as per the requirements of the entrepreneurs. Technical services were focused on supporting potential entrepreneurs by acquiring, organizing, preserving, maintaining and providing access to physical and virtual informational resources in the most efficient, effective, and innovative ways possible. The primary objective of TSD is provision of technological assistance to entrepreneurs from conception through formulation to implementation and to existing industries for expansion, modernization, diversification and quality and productivity improvement.

Services provided by the Division


Conducting technical training workshops and certification courses on the fields of foods, chemicals, oils and fibers, building materials, and minerals.


Provision of technological assistance/ consultancy.


Acquisition and dissemination of appropriate foreign and local technology.


Assist industries to obtain standard certifications (GMP, SLS, ISO etc).


Facilitate to improve product packaging & labeling.


Research & development work on product development.


Identification of products for promotion.


Business information and linkages.


Food testing and reporting.

Division Contact Details:
Contact Number – 011-2605278
Email –


Regional Development

Entrepreneur Development

Technical Services


Leather Products & Footwear

Rubber Product Development



Industrial Estates

Service Categories

Technology Workshops

1.1 Food
1.2 Chemical
1.3 Oils & Fiber
1.4 Building materials & Minerals
1.5 Electronics & Electricals

Certificate Courses

Milk & Dairy Technology
Spice Processing Technology
Bottled Drinking Water

Tea & Value Addition Technology
Manufacture of Iodized Salt
Computer Hardware & Networking
PLC & HMI Programming – Automation Technology
Batik Technology
Bamboo Preservation Treatment
Bamboo based Handi Craft Products
Bamboo Furniture Products
Bamboo prototype products

2.1 Product and Process Development
2.2 Packaging & Labeling
2.3 Certification / Reports
Laboratory Services
3.1 Testing Facilities & Training
Computer Technology

4.1 Computer Hardware Certificate Course

The computer lab is equipped with all the necessary facilities to conduct computer hardware courses targeting mainly school leavers and young who wish to enter into a career related to computer hardware technology. The subject areas covered include; Computer assembling, maintenance and renovation, Networking and troubleshooting

Bamboo Training & Development Center
IDB in collaboration with the UNIDO introduces in 2019, a fully-fledged Bamboo product training and services center to provide necessary skills and training for the professionals in the wood-based industry and potential entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. SMEs can gain more opportunities while producing quality handicrafts and furniture to the local and international market.

  • Provide training to potential entrepreneurs and existing industrialist.
  • Act as the focal point for creating greater awareness of bamboo based industry in the island by serving as the link between Industry, Processors, Growers, Government Agencies, Universities and End-users in development of applications for bamboo and obtain commercial acceptance of the same by end users.
  • Setting up of Library which would contain relevant information on bamboo including International Standards, Journals.
  • The center would also showcase various bamboo products.
  • facilitate interaction between Training Center and Universalities and R & D institution
Special Projects

5.1 Financial Assistant Scheme for Organic Certification

Head of Division

Mr. H. A. P. Gunawardene

Division Members

Atg. Assistant Director

Name : W.U.S.Alwis
Subject : Food
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Enterprise Promotion Manager

Name : C.N.Gamage
Subject : Food
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Enterprise Promotion Officer

Subject : Chemical / Building Materials
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Enterprise Promotion Officer

Name : R.P. Nuwan Sanjeewa
Subject : Food Testing
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Enterprise Promotion Officer

Name : H.R.Paranawithana
Subject : Chemical/Minerals
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Enterprise Promotion Officer

Name : W.Nurashini Thaksala
Subject : Chemical / Building Materials
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Enterprise Promotion Officer

Name : C.J. Kahatapitiya
Subject : Oils & Fiber
Official Contact: 011-2605278

Electroplating Centre – Peliyagoda

Enterprise Promotion Manager

Name : Ms. Hasamali Samarasinghe
Subject : Electroplating
Official Contact: 011-2942364