Incubator Facilities


Provide necessary incubator facilities to trained personnel on a concessionary rate initially to start a new industry at the Centre enabling them to successfully venture into footwear & leather based industry.

Facilities are provided to companies / SMIs to utilize the following machinery at concessionary rates


Skiving machine

Flat bed sewing machine

Splitting machine

Compressor and spray booth

Post bed sewing machine

Zig Zag sewing machine

Buffing and finishing machine

Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine

Clicking machine

Strap cutting machine

String lasting and over seaming stroble

Sole press machine

Rubber Injection Moulding – Fuo Yuan Yi FU120A Machine


Machinery facilities for milling, pressing, extruding, injection moulding, auto clave vulcanization.

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine


The required tests are perform to S.L.S.I & ISO standards to meet the individual requirements.Some of the main equipment are Alpha Rheometer,ODR 2000,Mooney viscometer,Din Abrader,Swell Tester, Tensometer,Flexometer,Wallace Plastometer,Rebound Resillient Tester SLS standards.These facilities are available to any rubber base industry on request.