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Workshop Facilities


Machining of metallic components/parts with lathe/milling / shaping/drilling machines etc.

Manufacture of plastic moulds and rubber moulds

Heat treatment of steel components


Surface grinding and cylindrical grinding


Arc welding, Tig welding, Oxy-Acetylene welding and Plasma cutting


Manufacture of machinery, tools and equipment for small and micro industries


Consultation in layout, installation and commissioning of machines.


Design and manufacture of moulds for plastic & rubber items. Manufacture of cutting dies. Engineering advice and guidance for the promotion of small and medium scale industries in Sri Lanka.

CNC Machining

CAD drawings and development

Rubber moulds design and manufacturing

Plastic Injection moulds design and manufacturing

Die manufacturing

Machine part manufacturing

Machinery Fabrication

Machinery and equipment manufactured by IDB Engineering Workshop

Food Sector
Coir Fiber Sector
  • Tomato pulper, Cap: 200 kgs per hour
  • Volumetric bottle filling machine, up to 500ml bottles
  • Bakery oven (saw dust fuelled), 40 loaves in a batch
  • Bottle sterilizer – 60 nos of 500 ml bottles in a batch
  • Dough mixer, 25 kgs
  • ROPP sealing machine
  • Crown cork sealing machine
  • Salt crusher, 50 kgs per hour
  • Ribbon-type mixer for iodized salt, 50 kgs per hr.
  • Noodles-making machine, 50 kgs per hour
  • Yoghurt incubator, 500 cups per batch
  • Aluminium foil sealing machine for yoghurt cup
  • Multicrop thresher
  • Defibering machine, 3 phase, 30 hp.
  • Fiber combing machine, Single phase 1 hp
  • Twine-making machine, single phase, ¼ hp
  • Thawashi brush winding machine
  • Trimming machine for thawashi brush

Foundry service

Metal Casting
  • The casting of Grey cast iron components
  • Casting of Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Bronze components

Metal Analysis

  • The Optical Emission Spectrometer is a new type of metal analyzer that offers improved analytical performance, investigative flexibility, and simplified operation.
  • The key components of an OES are the excitation source, optics, and read-out system, which work together to provide accurate analysis of metal samples.
  • OES is a superior analytical core of the new generation of arc/spark analyzers that combine high performance and flexibility.
  • OES machines come with a special attachment that enables the analysis of thin sheets and small rods.
  • OES can accurately analyze the elemental composition of steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and zinc, including trace elements.

Metallurgical Testing

  • Carbon analysis test for metal
  • Hardness test
  • Elongation test
  • Bending test
  • Metallographic Testing - Micro Structure Test for Metal
  • Tensile test

Molding Sand Test

  • Moisture test
  • Permeability test
  • Compression test
  • Grain size distribution test
  • Total clay content test
  • Active clay content test



Valuation of machinery, equipment and tools and submission of report

The machinery will be inspected by competent engineers and a Condition and Valuation Report will be issued based on the present condition of the machines and the current market values for similar machines ( in Rupees – SLR) – (for financial facilities)


Chief Engineer
+94 112 605 319
+94 112 605 490