Industry 2023″, the National Industry Exhibition and Industry Excellence Awards is officially launched…

The official launch of the “Industry 2023”, National Industry Exhibition and Industry Excellence Award ceremony was chaired by Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana the Minister of Industries and Plantation Industries with the participation of Minister of State for Primary Industries Hon. Chamara Sampath Dasanayake, yesterday (April 27) evening at Battaramulla Waters Edge premises. To this event, Ambassadors of Foreign Missions, Ms. Tilaka Jayasundara the secretary of the Ministry of Industries, Mr. Janaka Dharma Keerthi the Secretary of the Ministry of Plantation Industry, Additional Secretaries and other officials, Chairman of Ceylon Industrial Development Board Dr. Saranga Alahapperuma, Heads of institutions, officials, Heads of Industry Advisory councils of the Ministry of Industry, leading entrepreneurs of the country and many dignitaries joined.

Speaking at the occasion, the Minister of Industries and Plantation Industries, using global data and examples, explained the need for industry promotion for the economic growth of a country. Also, the contribution made so far to the industries in Sri Lanka and the need for a formal production economy for the success of the international market has also been outlined. For that, the local production program should be strengthened by studying the current global trends. To pacify this purpose, the importance of holding Industry 2023, the National Industry Exhibition with the aim of encouraging and empowering industrialists was also explained. Finally, he made an open invitation to come together as a country to strengthen the industrial economy.

Not only the challenging environment that arose in the face of the global epidemic situation of COVID-19 and the difficult period that arose due to the economic decline of the country, but also the real efforts of the current government to uplift all the industries in the country. Many steps were taken for the upliftment of all the industrialists, especially the local industrialists. At a time when the world is going through the 4th Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, and recognizing that the industrial sector has a unique place in the development of a country, the Industrial Development Board of Ceylon as a statutory government institution under the Ministry of Industries, aims to encourage, uplift and develop the industries of Sri Lanka in all periods for more than half a century, has carried out many unique tasks in this country.

In this way, the Industrial Development Board of Ceylon being well aware of the assigned responsibilities for the development of Sri Lanka’s industry, will be holding the National Industry Exhibition, “Industry 2023”, and the Industry Excellence Award Ceremony this year again on June 22, 23, 24, 25 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference (BMICH) Hall, Colombo. Based on more than 20 identified industrial sectors, this exhibition creates a free space where industrialists can meet other industrialists from home and abroad, and industrialists could also be provided with new domestic and foreign market opportunities. It creates a knowledgeable social environment that can overcome new market challenges, new technical challenges, and capital challenges. Also, based on industrial priorities, the main objective of this exhibition is to facilitate the commercialization of inventions and various research carried out by universities, other public and private academic institutions, other research institutions, or individuals and we ought to include them in a practical research output production mechanism as well.

Government, corporations, statutory institutions, private institutions, International relations, etc. through embassies are planned to bring many fields to this exhibition grounds, and through a proper selection method, the required spaces will be provided in the exhibition grounds to find the necessary human labor resources. The total number of booths in the exhibition area will be more than 700. Those who come to see the exhibition can identify the shape of local industries.
And through that, if they have the desire and experience to start local industries, they will be given guidance, technical knowledge, public and private institutions, as well as institutions that can provide capital. Guidance is also provided. During the exhibition, more attention is paid to the school students and the necessary motivation to become entrepreneurs through formal vocational education by identifying their abilities and interests. And also, IDB intends to initiate entrepreneurship circles in schools.

The annual “National Industry Day” to be celebrated in conjunction with the Industry Exhibition is also scheduled to be introduced. By naming and celebrating National Industry Day, society itself is motivated to start industries. In conjunction with the exhibition, the Industry Excellence Awards ceremony is organized to recognize and reward the best industrialists at the district, provincial, and national levels based on comprehensive and competitive evaluation criteria.
It is also planned to hold this industry exhibition and award ceremony annually as a continuous national task to promote the local industry sector towards a sustainable economy and raise Sri Lankan industries to the international level. During the ceremony, many organizations sponsoring this year’s Industry 2023 National Industry Exhibition presented checks indicating their financial contribution to the Ministers on behalf of the Industrial Development Board of Ceylon.